Relax and slow down with a soothing new scent

Enhance the pleasures of the winter season with a soothing, new scent.  I’m naturally impatient for the arrival of spring, so, not wanting to wish away a quarter of my life I really look for the little things that enhance the long, dark evenings and I actively try to embrace the season.  A candle in a  lovely decanter makes […]

Gifts for the Hostess – extrodinaire!

Arrive at the party with something stylish and useful…something so beautiful if begs to be presented with just a bow and a tag {of course she’ll want to know who to thank}.  All of these along with many more are available at our shops!  We love to give gifts with a purpose – something she’ll use […]

Heirloom Christmas Toys!

Christmas is for kids so why not give the gifts that last for generations!  They were fun {and inadvertently educational} then and they are fun now!  These and many more paper-made gifts will stand out among the stacks of neon-bright plastics they are sure to recieve!  These are the gifts that beg you to spend […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Indeed, Santa’s on his way!  Our shelves have been overtaken by the wonderful and the whimsical!  Bright and shiny is the theme.  Find it in our huge selection of holiday cards, tags, amazing gift wrap, and all the special little goodies that make the holidays sparkle!

Bullet Journaling!

 “…improved my physical and emotional health immensely.”– Holt J., a committed Bullet Journaler.  This not-so-new format for combining your planner, to-do lists and journal is enjoying an analog comeback in the digital age!   If you find the notion of organizing your life this way intriguing, check out this website: for details.  While no specific journal format is required, […]

Sandwich Bag Fun!

Once the school year begins it’s a long nine months of sack lunches.  Add some visual interest with the fun graphics of re-useable sandwich and snack bags.  The LunchSkins bags fit a sandwich or a few snacks, seal with a velcro strip and clean up in the dishwasher!  The “Jam Jar” ziplock bags are brand […]