2022 Christmas Reveal

November 1st, 10am – 7pm is officially “First Dibs” for Christmas 2022! The selection doesn’t get any better that this! You’ll get 20% off one item!

All the holiday goodies we’ve been hiding away will be out at last! We are soooo excited for all of you to get a look at the holiday beauties have been admiring (in the back room!). Our shop will be overtaken with new ways to adorn your home for the Christmas season as well as the warm + cozy gifts that your friends + family will adore! Find the perfect Christmas cards, ornaments, scented candles and Stocking Stuffers for everyone! The windows will be decked and the shop will be chuck full of Holiday Spirit as we all enjoy the Delight of Giving! Bring your friends and enjoy some bubbly, some nibbles and some good, old-fashioned Christmas Shopping! Can’t wait to see you!