Set the Table

To us the setting adds as much to the Thanksgiving holiday as the food itself! Offer your guests a beautiful, relaxed table to enjoy their holiday meal. The informal organic kraft paper and the formal gold-accented china create a stunning contrast! Bring it all together with Kitchen Papers’ printed paper table runners. Choose between plaids, stripes or holiday prints and layer with kraft paper. You’ll save 20% off our rolls of kraft paper and Kitchen Papers’ table runners. You can use white or metallic pens to outline the place setting and add a name. If you’ve taken a calligraphy class this is a great opportunity to use your skills! If a calligraphy class is still on your to-do list check out our class schedule

Drop by one of our shops if you’re looking for the final details to finish off your table setting. In addition to the table runners, you’ll find nice place cards, cocktail napkins, “thankfulness” cards, coasters, candles and paper place mats.

Cedar-scented candles – ready to gift!

If you are the guest this time around we can help you out with a little something for the hosts! We have a lovely selection of scented candles, monogrammed notecards and bags and tags to adorn a gift bottle of wine or spirits.

A Selfie-Cork puts everyone in the picture!

Mark this holiday with a pic of the whole clan! Pop your Selfie-Cork into an open wine bottle, fit your iphone into the slot and set the timer. This is such a hit you’ll want one for the hostess and one for you!