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National Ampersand Day!

Need a little relief from the daily news loop?  Then rejoice, National Ampersand Day is for you!  This is the day that graphic designers and calligraphers look forward to all year.  We can all blatantly throw beautiful ampersands into all our correspondence without fear of over-using!  &&&  A time to get creative with a clever […]

Sweet, sweet Valentine

Valentines’ Day is probably my favorite holiday!  First of all, I love the color pink…mostly in soft, muted, blushy tones, but for Valentines’ it’s popping out all over the shop in hot, bright pinks accented with gold foil, whites and of course, red!  Just the spark of brightness we need during the gray season.  Next, I […]

2015 Calendars are arriving!

With just a little sadness we bid farewell to summer and look ahead to the new year.  It’s the arrival of the art calendars that gets my pulse racing again!  Artistic and printing styles range the gamut from subtle, graphic letter pressed designs to bright, detailed flat prints.  Gold foil accents are popping up everywhere! […]

At last!  Our most popular letter pressed desk calendar has arrived!  The talented, local artist at Ilee Papergoods has once again, not disappointed.  What’s so special?  Multiple {3 – 4} letter pressed colors on each page, variety of art styles, each one a beautiful and creative depiction of the month!  It’s a year-long gift:  monthly […]

Yes, today is the second full day of summer in Seattle!  In Seattle, we have to be creative about convincing ourselves that it really is Summer.  Wear bright, summer colors {of polar fleece or rain gear}, fix summery drinks {Arnold Palmers are delicious served hot – with vodka} and surround yourself with fun, summery accessories!! […]

Faux Bois – you know it must be tres chic because it is French for “fake wood”.  It’s a real fashion trend once again and our faux bois gift wrap let’s you can add a bit of high style with ease!  Find the look at Paper Delights in gifts bags, note cards, custom stationery as […]