Cheers to 12 years!

a fond farewell to Wallingford

The story goes, like so many, we’ve truly had a blast designing cards and invitations and selecting all the things that we love for our shop in Wallingford! BUT, as things change over 12 years, such as two kids with all their activities, traffic in Seattle, thoughts of retirement (for one of us), and rent increases, there comes a time to weigh the pros and cons. This involved a long period of soul-searching, hand-wringing and number-crunching. We can’t deny the fond feelings we have for our first shop and all the customers that we have come to regard as friends. Saying goodbye to all of this has involved a bit of a mourning period. This is the sad part of the story.

the welcome mat

The happy part is the thought of throwing off the burden of long and often frustrating commutes. We had been timing our hours in Wallingford with Seattle’s traffic patterns. This meant leaving in a rush, feeling bad about all the unfinished errands and spending far too little time in the shop. Our new commute clocks in around 4 minutes regardless of time of day or day of the week :).

Our little corner in Olde Burien

We love the space that was created for us on the corner of 9th and 152nd in Olde Burien! It’s a vibrant neighborhood with some great shops (The Shoppe, Amoire Chocolates, Olde Burien Wine Shoppe, Lucky You) and restaurants and bars (the 909 Coffee and Wine, Classic Eats, The Tin Room and the 913). There’s even a cool little theater in the Tin Room where you can have drinks delivered to your seat! All of these are owned by locals like us!

To further entice you to venture out to our Burien shop, mention this email for a 20% discount on your purchase before the end of January, 2020!