Gift Wrapping Creativity!

Once we begin to get our gift list under control, it’s time to think about putting together a pretty combination of giftwraps!  Weather you love the traditional red and green or prefer a contemporary look of gold and white we have a lovely selection of patterns in each of our shops.

This year as we continue to be totally smitten with all forms of calligraphy, we’ve had such fun creating wrap with plain black, white, kraft or gray paper and a variety of the pens we have in stock.  The Faber-Castell white PITT artist pen makes a striking, bold line on black, kraft or gray wrap.  If you haven’t had a chance to take one of our Calligraphy classes yet (check them out here:, you may want to get a start with a good calligraphy book.  We recommend Modern Calligraphy Workshop by Imogen Owen (

What to write on your lovely wrap?  Repeating the name of the recipient (on a diagonal?) makes a snappy pattern.  Lyrics to a familiar Christmas Carol makes a nostalgic statement.  If beautiful script is not your thing, try using a long straight edge and a bold to make a trendy plaid or repeat a small icon in a grid pattern.  Add a ribbon, a sprig of holly or cedar and you have a package that shows how much you care!