We’re going Downtown!

Pac Pl

Yes, we are working hard to open our new Holiday Pop-Up Shop at Pacific Place in downtown Seattle!  New fixtures, new signs, new staff, and loads of wonderful, new papery products!  Come Saturday, November 1st we’ll clear away the ladders, paint brushes, a few cobwebs and the advertising posters in the windows to reveal our sparkling new little shop!


As always, this is a family affair.  We are so lucky – everyone pitches in to get the job done.  No old-fashioned child labor law exemptions for any able-bodied Perkins/Olsen family members!

Blog postFixtures are moving in and product is beginning to arrive!  We couldn’t resist “playing shop”  when the beautiful Holiday aromas arrived from Illume!


A little downtime for our heavy lifters!


Can’t wait to get the power to our paper snowflakes “chandelier”!  Thanks again to our “everything guy”, hubby and dad, Charlie!  Builds fixtures, hooks up the electrical, tech genius, painter…