Quick DIY Kid’s Classroom Valentines

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so we thought we’d share these easy DIY classroom valentines.  Your child will love helping you put together these unique treats and no one will ever know you did it the night before the classroom party!  All you need are a few essentials that can be picked up in our shop, as well as some scissors and a hole punch.  We’ve outlined the simple step by step process below.  Happy crafting!


1.  Scissors |  2.  Hole Punch  |  3.  Paper Delights Classroom Valentines – Pack can be found at Paper Delights  |  4.  Plastic Treat Bags – Included in Paper Delights Classroom Valentines – can be found at Paper Delights.  |  5.  A favorite Valentine’s Day candy  |  6.  Ribbon – available at Paper Delights

 Step by Step Instructions:

1.  Have your child fill out each valentine

2.  Fill each plastic treat bag 1/4 of the way full with a few candies

3.  Fold Valentine in half

4.  Fold treat bag in half

5.  Place folded valentine over folded treat bag and punch two holes at the top.  You should be punching the holes through the valentine and the treat bag at the same time.  This allows you to lace the ribbon through and it will all stay together.  See picture below for reference.

6. Place valentine over treat bag so the holes align and thread ribbon through.  Tie bow.

DIY Valentines


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