One perfect way to begin summer

Summer officially begins when the Slip ‘n Slide comes out!  Not warm enough?  Apparently if you’re in the 3 – 5 year old range there is no such thing.  Blake and Drew are calling the shots today!  {no swimsuits – no problem}  Sunshine + happy little boys = pure joyIMG_5601

“I’m hungry!”  OK!  Hot dogs on the barbie – just the way to satisfy their not-so-pint-sized appetites.IMG_5605

Sketching on the chalkboard paper during lunch:  rockets, planets, “why does the shade move across our Slip ‘n  Slide?”…


…leads to a lesson on the earth’s rotation and orbit…”the sun is a star!?”…planets…the moon…”how do you get there?”…IMG_5617

For dessert we need a shady spot, so the boys create their own!   Of course they would find the perfect place the enjoy their strawberry bars.IMG_5615

Evening Pre-school graduation celebration caps off a wonderful day and means summer is really here!IMG_2806