Paint by Number

Join the Paint-by-Number fun!

If you’re looking for something fun and easy to fill the new evening hours of darkness, Paint-by-Number may be just for you! I think it’s especially nice to spend time in the eventing doing something relaxing (no heavy thinking involved at all) and productive at the same time! This little beauty took many happy evenings to finish and it was fun to see the image develop right before my eyes. I’m looking forward to framing it for my study!

While we have a nice variety of pretty intricate designs intended for adults, there are also some great projects requiring a more moderate amount of time. There are also simpler projects designed just for children. All the sets include everything you need to complete the artwork: canvas printed with the paint-by-number cells, all the acrylic paints and a variety of paint brushes.

Paint these moderate to easy canvasas

For those of you planning ahead for Christmas gifts these could be the perfect thing for older kids and crafty teens! Drop by the shop soon for the best selection!