Our Picnic Luncheon Bridal Shower

We were so lucky to have a beautiful sunny day for our outdoor bridal shower!DSCN0876

Chalkboard paper and crepe-paper flowers carried our “picnic” theme.DSCN0861

Our bride, Cheryl wore her paper-flower crown as she posed under the welcome banner made with chalkboard paper.DSCN0882

Alicia helped prep our picnic lunch boxes.  We wanted to treat our guests to picnic lunches that were delicious and adorable!DSCN0872

Our polka-dot cocktail napkins made a nice contrast to line the lunch boxes.  Sandwiches were wrapped in pretty gift wrap bands.  We used Paper Eskimo baking cups to hold the salad and of course we added a striped paper straw for the beverage.DSCN0870

A band of Rifle giftwrap holds the lunch boxes together with style!DSCN0873

Our Meri-Meri flower garlands were the perfect touch of decor!DSCN0862

The chalkboard paper is so easy to customize and the perfect table cover for our casual, playful picnic tables.  DSCN0859

While Cheryl opened her gifts the shower guests played Bridal Shower Bingo.  We had asked our guests to send us their favorite recipes ahead of time so we could compile them into a {Russell + Hazel} recipe book for Cheryl.  These packets of the recipes were the favors everyone took home.DSCN0893