MerSea Travel Wrap


Envelop yourself in a bit of luxury!  These lovely wraps have a feel of lightweight wool but are actually 100% acrylic.  This means washing machine and dryer friendly and no worries about moth holes while in storage.  It’s just the additional warmth I need while I’m reading, sitting at my desk or watching tv.

You’ll be glad you have this when it’s time to hit the jetway again!  Airline travel usually means it’s warm, no it’s chilly and everywhere in between.  Used as a lightweight blanket, the MerSea wrap is an easy way to keep cozy during a flight.  Each wrap comes with it’s own pouch to stow it away in your carry-on travel bag.  Also can become a handy pillow if that is what your travel requires.  Light weight, beautiful, comfy and washable!

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Choose between colors:  Blue Sky, Black, Fog Gray  or Sea Salt.  One Size

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Blue Sky, Sea Salt

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