Sandwich Bag Fun!


Once the school year begins it’s a long nine months of sack lunches.  Add some visual interest with the fun graphics of re-useable sandwich and snack bags.  The LunchSkins bags fit a sandwich or a few snacks, seal with a velcro strip and clean up in the dishwasher!  The “Jam Jar” ziplock bags are brand new and such fun!  They are re-useable (pop ’em in the dishwasher), leak-proof, freezer-safe AND they stand up when full!  You can really get creative with these:  fill with water and use as a vase;  drop in a small gift or gift card (great for a gift card for a restaurant) and you’ll be giving a double gift!  They even teach a valuable lesson:  Re-useable is better than disposable!   The large size is $1.oo; small is 75¢.