Sugar Skulls and Paper Flowers!

On a recent trip to the amazing Mexican city of San Miguel de Allende I came to embrace the Day of the Dead holiday and the flamboyant native art associated with it.  This Mexican holiday evolved from All Saints Day and is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd to honor deceased relatives.  I must admit my first take on all the skeletons was “morbid and creepy” but as I learned about the background and traditions and started seeing the art everywhere I began to embrace the whole idea.  Actually I think it was the sugar skulls that won me over.  These ornately decorated skulls are offered as a welcome to deceased ancestors to return home – not so creepy!

This year I was a little late in decorating for Halloween (and not a big fan of “fall colors”) so “Dia de los Muertos”  it was!  First, our black chalkboard paper sets a nice clean background for instant creativity.  Making the sugar skulls in white chalk was a fun exercise in doodling!  The elegant white gourd was a natural for my table scape but as much as I like a black and white color scheme I needed a shot of color to give a little nod to Mexico.  Out came the crepe paper (and some old paper flower making skills) to create just the color pop I was looking for!

A few tips:  the white chalk gives a nice bright white line but will, of course, smudge when touched.  So you might want to try our white chalk pencils or chalk pens.  None of these will completely erase so I start by sketching softly with a regular pencil (that gently erases nicely) before completing with the white.   This is also a perfect opportunity to use your calligraphy skills!  Lacking Calligraphy and Paper Flower making skills?  Click on our “Classes” and get yourself signed-up!