Summer Essentials

First, a shout-out to our wonderful, kind landlord, Danny House (alias: Dan the Sausage Man) for installing air conditioning in our shop just at the perfect time! Not sure our candles, candy, or humans would have survived the last few days without it!

Water-defender phone cases come in three colors

We pretty much need to take our phone (aka our lives) with us wherever we go – even to the pool, the beach, boating… This adorable water-proof pouch actually lets you text, google, scroll, etc. while it is safely tucked away inside the pouch! AND it floats just in case it does end up in the drink! We just stocked them in this summery sky blue, navy blue and grassy green. Only $17.95! A perfect gift for a beach house, pool party or boating hostess gift!

Patriotic-stripes and pretty solid colors micro-fiber towel

I found out how great this micro-fiber towel really is when I went on a camper-van trip recently with my hubby. They’re just as big as a regular beach towel but fold into this nice little bag. No space in a camper van for a big old beach towel. Also nowhere to hang a regular towel to dry. This amazing towel dried me off nicely and dried itself with just a few minutes of hanging. Definitely a beach bag essential!! New arrivals include patriotic stripes and lively solids – $22.95.

Three yummy flavors of no-melt (freeze dried) ice cream bars – just $4.95

We couldn’t resist the sweet packaging when we saw these delicious treats in a specialty shop in Austin. We brought home a few (okay, one of each) to rave reviews from our family and friends. Cute package, delicious, organic and unique – had to have them! Cosmic Ice Cream uses organic ingredients to produce a premium version of the famous “Astronaut Ice Cream” enjoyed by kids and outdoor enthusiasts for decades. These three flavor varieties couldn’t be better (they tried)!

For Cookies and Cream they start with a rich and creamy vanilla good enough to eat on its own. Then throw in a ton of organic shredded chocolate cookies to up the ante. For the Strawberry they use peak season organic strawberries to make this a sweet and tart experience unlike any other freeze dried ice cream in the Universe. The Mint Chocolate Chip is Mint ice cream with chocolate chips. This flavor is a crowd pleaser with delicious chocolate chips in every bite. Pick one up while they’re hot (or not frozen)!