Sweet Summer Fetes

Don’t let summer slip away without throwing a casual and delightful little party (or two)!  You know who’s on the invitation list now you just need that spark of an idea or theme to get the creative process going!  Our shelves are loaded with books that have beautiful pictures to go along with the tasty recipes.  The books themselves are coffee table-worthy little beauties!

Learn to create a little feast for the eyes as well as the appetite!  This is a helpful source for putting together all kinds of platters – both savory and sweet.  It’s great for the specifics of how much of each item you’ll need for each guest and for creative suggestions of foods that accent and/or compliment each other… and, of course,  lots of mouth-watering pics!

Not just lemons – this is the source for those simple/fabulous recipes you put together to show off your effortless flair.  Full of future go-to entertaining meals!

This beautifully illustrated guide provides the ideas and how-to details to create refreshing cocktails using fresh botanicals.  A real treat for summer entertaining!

Here are a few of our current faves!  Drop by one of our shops and explore the creative possibilities!