Sweet, sweet Valentine

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Valentines’ Day is probably my favorite holiday!  First of all, I love the color pink…mostly in soft, muted, blushy tones, but for Valentines’ it’s popping out all over the shop in hot, bright pinks accented with gold foil, whites and of course, red!  Just the spark of brightness we need during the gray season.  Next, I think, aside from my one true love, most of the rest of my friends and family expect very little of me on Valentines’ Day.  This sets up the exact situation in which I can excel!  Merely dropping a pretty card in the mail can set  up a whole series of delightful consequences:  a smile, an email ;|, a phone call ;)…  Add a sweet treat {yes, many unexpected choices available in the shop} and they’re over the moon!   Just like that!  Enjoy your Valentine consequences!