We miss you already!

Feels sad to shut our doors and move into this abyss of unknown. We feel healthy, you all look healthy to us and yet we need to ignore these observations and take the advice of our leaders. We’ve seen what can happen in other countries and we know this is the right approach.

So hang in there, hopefully we will find some silver linings. I know many of you are teaching kids at home. No doubt you’ll develop some creative new ways of doing this and learn some things you may not have known about your kids’ learning skills along the way!

I am determined to use this new-found time to learn something new…macrame? drawing? new work-out routine (at home)… I have a feeling we will all be a bit different when we resume our lives. Certainly we will have gained a new feeling of camaraderie and an appreciation of life without boundaries!

A big thank you to all of our wonderful, kind, concerned customers/friends. We can’t wait to celebrate with you when we are all at the healthy end of this!! Take care! See you then!