Window Shopping

Pandemic or not – Easter’s on it’s way!

It looks like many of us won’t be able to give our grandkids a big hug on Easter Sunday :(. Consider sending an unbelievably cuddly Jellycat stuffed bunny to do the job for you!

This is just one of the items we have available in our new “Window Shop”. We’ve transformed our windows along 152nd and on 9th Ave. into a (very) low-tech “catalog” of sorts! We’ve tried to include a variety of items. Each is labeled with an item number, name and price. We couldn’t put candles in the window because of the sun but if there is a candle scent that you have been craving we are happy to get that to you as well.

So, how does it work? Just send us an email at with your name, address and phone number. Include the item numbers and names of the goodies you want. If you want something that is not in the window, describe it in the email and we will do our best to get that to you as well!. We will call you with a total and you can give us your credit card over the phone. If you live in the Burien/Normandy park area we will arrange to drop off your treasures outside your home in one day for free (what else do we have to do?). We can also arrange for a pick up outside our shop or (for a shipping fee) we can drop it in the mail.

We miss you! We miss being in our little shop and like everyone we miss normalcy! At the same time we are grateful that the COVID-19 has not struck anyone that we know and we hope the same it true for you. On the upside we love the creativity that these new circumstances have inspired. We love the lack of traffic, we love ZOOM, and we love jigsaw puzzles (who new they were addictive?).

Drop by and take a peek! We hope to hear from you soon! Take care 🙂